2012, a Water Dragon Year – TIME IS CONSCIOUSNESS

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dragão água
As we saw, the year 2011, was focused on the big adjustment of the nation’s finances, reflecting it in the life of everyone.
We also see a movement that brings out in each family the truth of each person.

In Brazil, although we still have a long way to go to bring for everybody true education,quality services in transportation and in health system, in some regions we can see a real increase in the per capita income.

We will see this year real efforts from society on the path of Equality and Fraternity. We already know that this is the only way. Unfortunately, who should guide us cannot inspire us … The Salt of the Earth can no longer salt.

Armenian and Greek Orthodox clerics fight in the church of the Nativity in Bethlehem, which administration is divided: there are constant disagreements, police said. (Folha de São Paulo, December 28, 2011.)

History lets us know the past and the different times that had their peak and declined until the new come. And it always came. We went through many life systems, and the last one that is still living, despite its death throes, is a system that gives priority to having at any rate.
Those who believe that time is money.
No, time is life. Time is consciousness. This is the next step and those who are mature into their hearts and have conquered themselves can live a new era of light, where love is the law, and life is the good all of us want to preserve.
The power of the dragon comes from the sky
In the early days of civilization, the North lodestar, the Pole Star, seemed to be on the legs of the Dragon Constellation, in the Northern Hemisphere Sky.
The developments caused in the skies by the passage of the time cause many changes: today, Polaris is located on the constellation Ursa Minor. But the fame of the Dragon persisted and until today it is a sign of power.
What can we expect from a Water Dragon Year, which starts on January 23, 2012 and ends on February 9, 2013?
A year when we can have more contact with extraterrestrial life.
The great leaders will turn to peace-building, facing the problems of social order, to improve the human condition.
And Nature is still adapting to this new balance of forces. The inharmonies of Earth have to be healed.
Many say that the Mayan prophecy refers to the movement of precession. According to the Dictionary Aurelio, the precession of the equinoxes refers to the cyclical movement of the equinoxes along the elliptic to the West, caused by the disturbing action of the Sun and Moon on the Earth’s equatorial expansion, and has a period of approximately 26 thousand years. According to the Maya, this is the moment we are living today.
Nowadays we can divide mankind in two large groups. Those who are realizing the big vibrational changes and also social changes in these times we’re living and those who have their eyes still shut tight because, despite having eyes, cannot see the signs of this memorable time. In fact, we can expect everything in this cycle that is ending and in this new beginning of humanity.
The time has come. Our bodies need to be adapted to this new condition in order to follow all the more intense energetic movements of LIFE that are available, but not everybody has the appropriate “garments”.
As a large stone grinding, the changes offer a wide range of situations and our souls are being polished to enter this new dimension where the perception is the great evolutionary acquisition.
So, that the Light lights the darkness of ignorance, the mother of all evils.
To increase our ability to perceive, there’s nothing better than organize our environments according to the movement of the Sun in our houses and apartments.
By placing the Ba-gua and knowing the areas of your home, your gain will be great in organization and consciousness, and therefore, in planning your life. Co-creation is the next step. Every life needs a shelter that offers renewal of strength, rest and willingness for the achievement of its goals, which should include truth and justice.
Only this way Christ-like love can be the characteristic of this society, formed by each living thing that compounds it.

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