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It is not easy to explain the Feng Shui or its way of action. But who decides to know and practice its guidelines receives the bonus of be inserted into a dimension much more happy and harmonic: the dimension of Nature.

Feng Shui understands the reality through the material. By what can see, intuits what can’t see. Its techniques create balance and motivation putting in a practice way this new octave, which we need to achieve in our personal and familiar lives, cells that make society.
So, we can define Feng Shui as the study that places the individual in harmony with himself, with his geographic reality and with the Cosmic Life that surrounds him.

This perspective is explained in the book Feng Shui Lógico, by Stela Vecchi (Ícone Publisher, São Paulo, 2004) that relates the Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, the study of the Jungian Symbology and other scientific associations to prove the effectiveness of Feng Shui.

The Trigrams and the Sun Method of the Four Seasons


Ba-guá to the Northern Hemisphere


Ba-guá to the Southern Hemisphere

Ba-guá Feng Shui Lógico - Hemisfério Sul

The Logical Feng Shui teaches how to apply the ba-guá from the center of the building and line up the side of the construction that receives the first sunrises with the Family and Healthy trigram, the Thunder.
You line up your home with the axes north-south, tuning the building with the sunlight, the great vital energy that we receive in our planet. Through quantum concepts, we learn to see our lives connected to the space that sustains us in harmony with our own path, seeking the integration of our four bodies: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The homes are a way to understand this reality.

To apply the ba-guá, Logical Feng Shui utilizes the center of the building (not the front door). Here’s why:

Ba-guá to the Northern Hemisphere


Ba-guá to the Southern Hemisphere
bagua_ Feng Shui Lógico_h_sul_com_planta_baixa

Logical Feng Shui uses the ba-guá adapted to the Southern Hemisphere for harmonization in the Southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere ba-guá to the Northern Hemisphere.
Since the Sun rises on the horizon, in the East, it is our main reference for guide us: always in the center of our homes or the center of the place we want to harmonize.

In low latitude areas (the equator) and polar regions is necessary to use the compass.

Hours to the Southern Hemisphere:

The sun is at about 6:00 in the morning in the East (Family and Health);

Around 9:00 in the morning in the Northeast (Prosperity);

Noon in the North (Success);

At 15:00 in the Northwest (Relationships);

At 18:00 (hours considered mystical) in the West (Creativity and Children);

Now the sun begins to rise in the Northern Hemisphere and has begun the night for us:

At 21:00 in the Southwest (Friends, Spiritual Protection and Travel);

At 24:00 in the South (Work and Life Mission);

And at 3:00 in the morning is in the South-east (Self-Knowledge and Personal Evolution), when the Earth completes its daily spin around the sun and prepares to turn back day again in the Southern Hemisphere.

And it is this turning of the Earth that causes the time zone, with the local time of the countries in both hemispheres.

For the Southern Hemisphere, at night, is Alpha Crux, the brightest star in the longest axis of the Southern Cross that can guide us: it shows the South Pole.

Everything revolves from one center, one axis: the center of the building of our home is that axis, which receives the eight winds associated with the fundamental trigrams, always with the reference to the center of our home or property you want to harmonize: Thunder, Wind, Fire, Earth, Lake, Heaven, Water and Mountain.

Seasons, trigrams and cardinal directions to the two hemispheres:

Thunder Trigram = Chen = East in both hemispheres = Sunrise = Spring = Family and Health = side of the house that receives the first sunrises in the morning; Correspondence with the Number 3;

Wind Trigram = SUN = Northeast (Southern Hemisphere) and South-east (Northern Hemisphere) = Sun around 9:00 in the morning = Late Spring = Prosperity = side of the house at this time illuminated by the sun; Correspondence with the number 4;

Fire Trigram = North (Southern Hemisphere) and South (Northern Hemisphere) = Sun in the noon = Summer = Success = side of the house that receives the sun at this time; Correspondence with the number 9;

Earth Trigram = K’UN = Northwest (Southern Hemisphere) and South-west (Northern Hemisphere) = Sun around 15:00 = Relationships = illuminated side of the house at this time; Correspondence with the number 2;

Lake Trigram = TUI = West in both hemispheres = sunset = Creativity and Children = side of the house that receives the sunlight at this time; Correspondence with the number 7;

Heaven Trigram = C’HIEN = South-west (Southern Hemisphere) and Northwest (Northern Hemisphere) = Friends and Travel = End of fall = corresponds to 21.00 hours in the day; Correspondence with the number 6;

Water Trigram = K’AN = South (Southern Hemisphere) and North (Northern Hemisphere) = Work = Winter = midnight = side that is pointed to by the brightest star of the Southern Cross, Alpha-Crux; Correspondence with the number 1;

Mountain Trigram = Ken = South-east (Southern Hemisphere) and Northeast (Northern Hemisphere) = Spirituality and Self-Knowledge = Late winter = comes before the sunrise = time of the day 03:00 in the morning;
Correspondence with the number 8.

Logical Feng Shui Ba-guá to the Southern Hemisphere

Ba-guá Feng Shui Lógico - Hemisfério Sul

Logical Feng Shui Ba-guá to the Northern Hemisphere

Stela Vecchi is the mentor and disseminator of the new technique called Logical Feng Shui.

She is the author of:
– Feng Shui Lógico (Ícone, 2004, São Paulo);

Feng Shui Lógico
Stela Vecchi
Ícone Editora, 2ª ed.

– No Céu do Hemisfério Sul – Brasil, um Novo Começo (Edição de Autor, 2006, São Paulo)

– O Caminho da Sabedoria (Edicon, 2007, São Paulo).

See the article: The ba-gua for the Southern Hemisphere

See also the website:

Translation: Mary Hatakeyama

Sobre a Autora

Stela Vecchi

Stela Vecchi estuda sobre Amor e Felicidade desde 1976. Criadora do Método Solar de Feng Shui, Feng Shui Lógico. É um método prático e consagrado que simplifica o Feng Shui sem alterar sua essência milenar. Feng Shui Lógico busca criar o equilíbrio nos ambientes para facilitar a conquista de seu equilíbrio pessoal. O resultado é uma residência mais aconchegante e que favorece a saúde, a harmonia, a prosperidade. E Amor: sem equilíbrio, o Amor não permanece.

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