Thoughts by Frank Lloyd Wright

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More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.
… And Architecture is like music in this capacity for symphony.
Architecture, by now, was mine. It had come by actual experience to mean to me something out of the ground of what we call “America”, something in league with the stones of the field, in sympathy with the flower that fadeth, the grass that withereth, “something of that withered”, something of that prayerful consideration for the lilies of the field that was my gentle grandmother’s. Something natural to the change that was “America” herself.

The prism has always fascinated man. We may now live in prismatic buildings, clean, beautiful, and new.
… a higher order of the spirit has dawned for modern life in this interior concept of lived-in space playing with light.

The hexangle is better suited do human movement than the rectangle.

All forms of religion have a basic desire to function in harmony with beliefs and I try to help them – to materialize their ideas in something beautiful for all humanity. It´s the architect’s job.
For architecture is not just buildings. It is the living spirit that builds.

…Architects were no longer tied to Greek space but were free to enter into the space of Einstein.

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Stela Vecchi

Stela Vecchi estuda sobre Amor e Felicidade desde 1976. Criadora do Método Solar de Feng Shui, Feng Shui Lógico. É um método prático e consagrado que simplifica o Feng Shui sem alterar sua essência milenar. Feng Shui Lógico busca criar o equilíbrio nos ambientes para facilitar a conquista de seu equilíbrio pessoal. O resultado é uma residência mais aconchegante e que favorece a saúde, a harmonia, a prosperidade. E Amor: sem equilíbrio, o Amor não permanece.

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