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The world of facts does not have any way to the world of values, because they come from another region.
Albert Einstein

A view on the controversial adaptation of the Later Heaven Sequence Bagua for the Southern Hemisphere:

When I knew Feng Shui I was surprised by the depth of that knowledge. I found in the roots of Feng Shui, in the Book of Virtue by Lao Tzu and the Book of Changes – I Ching (Richard Wilhelm, Pensamento Publisher, São Paulo) how Feng Shui wants to bring the heavenly harmony to Earth and how this knowledge, applied with sense and discernment, can benefit many people.

The Feng Shui Schools are ancient and their applications also represent the context of those times gone. Each school brings a different and valuable perspective and we should take each one into consideration or we lose an important part of the prism of this Wisdom.

Everything is continuously changing…

The energy should flow smoothly, like a winding creek that comes down the mountain.

These words of Confucius demonstrate the awareness according to we should not be fixed in the past, but accept evolution, and when it becomes necessary to expand the vision, accept it as long as convincing. The new concepts illuminate the path of humanity throughout History.

For millennia this Wisdom was restricted to China, and various perspectives on the art of harmonizing the human being with the Cosmos were originated on Chinese soil, which belongs to the Northern Hemisphere. For a long time the Northern Hemisphere ignored the existence of the Southern Hemisphere. Therefore, probably, the Chinese weren’t worried about imagining other regions with climatic conditions so different from theirs. In this controversy about the adapted Bagua for the Southern Hemisphere we agree that the Earlier Heaven Sequence Bagua can’t be changed: this Bagua has the Heaven as the main reference, not the Earth: the trigrams are placed in pairs of opposites, not correlated with the cardinal directions.

However, the Later Heaven Sequence Bagua, of King Wen – who created the hexagrams – gives a new sequence to the Trigrams and associates them with the cardinal directions that have affinities with the essence of each trigram.

In this Bagua the trigrams were removed from the position of pairs of opposites and are associated with the phenomenal level of the annual cycle of the seasons. (I Ching – O Livro das Mutações – p. 207).


In the Northern Hemisphere, the heat associated with midsummer, with Fire and Success comes from South.
In the Southern Hemisphere, the North is the direction from the heat comes with the characteristics associated with it.

The Northern Hemisphere has an annual cycle in reverse to our Southern Hemisphere.
North is always North, anywhere on the planet, but depends on the reference point where we are to feel the equivalent climate effects.
The adaptation to the Southern Hemisphere is a technical adjustment.

The Later Heaven Sequence Bagua – 1123 BC
King Wen


Spring – East – CHEN
Fall – West – TUI
Summer – South – LI
Winter – North – KAN

King Wen, therefore, also looked for harmony with the Earth Ch’i.

The Later Heaven Sequence Bagua, currently used for the analysis of Feng Shui, must be adapted to the Southern Hemisphere, like this:

Spring – East – CHEN
Fall – West – TUI
Summer – North – LI
Winter – South – KAN

The Later Heaven Sequence Bagua adapted to the Southern Hemisphere
Ba-guá Feng Shui Lógico - Hemisfério Sul

Recently, Master Thomas Lin Yun, our contemporary, has founded a new School of Feng Shui, the Black Hat School of Tibetan Tantric Buddhism.
He used the Later Heaven Sequence Bagua, removed its relationship with the cardinal directions and set the placement of the octagonal figure Bagua with the entrance door of the property lined to the trigram Kan – which corresponds to Work / Career in this School. In this Bagua he reads the trigrams from the outside to inside, contrary to what is in the I Ching, maintaining the original reading from the bottom to the top.

Traditionally this reading is done from the center to outwards and from the bottom to upwards.

I deeply studied this School and understood its great wisdom: Master Lin Yun uses deep knowledge about human nature, knows the value of environmental perception and its relationship to our well-being, valuing all studies in various disciplines, including psychology, color therapy and symbolism, to better adapt people to their habitat.
I owe a lot to this free and without prejudice insight. A man of courage and wisdom.
I give also a tribute to all those who have studied carefully, since ancient times, the relationships and influences that we establish with our workplaces and housing, bringing a priceless legacy for our time.
Through these techniques we can reduce human suffering and increase our level of understanding of everything that influences us, reaching higher levels of well-being and wholeness.

Despite on my natural resistance to change that view of the application of the Black Hat School Bagua – School that achieved undeniable success in harmonizing environmental – the reading and studying of I Ching and Lao Tzu, coupled with the constant practice of this study in my life and my job, took me to seek greater consistency in the application of Bagua on the ground floor of the building using the following procedures:

1. Return to the trigrams original position within the Bagua: FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP AND FROM THE CENTRE TO OUT.

2. Adapt the cardinal points to our Hemisphere.

3. Adopt the use of the compass to determine the position of the trigrams. The compass should be placed in the center of the property; the center is found by applying the geometric octagonal figure, the Bagua.

It is very important to emphasize that in our hemisphere, the direction considered more favorable for the construction of buildings is the North side, while the ancient Chinese emperors had their palaces doors facing South, which corresponds to our North. The Feng Shui, which seeks the fullness of human being in every way (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) could not be contrary to this basic finding.

Knowledge, science and truth have to walk together.

After all, I think all of us that work in this field of study we aim to use this valuable knowledge, update them with the freedom of thought, always seeking greater harmony to people with themselves, with the Earth and Heaven, thus creating the basis for constructive relationships and consequently a more just, prosperous and happy society.
And it can’t be done without a lot of respect for the nature of each one, and the sacred freedom of thought.

There are many ways to understand reality. Not all are certain, but many are.

The unification of the consciousness through the Truth:
Jesus the Master of Masters also asks that the heavenly order reign on our planet:

“(…) Thy kingdom come,
thy will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.”

Stela Vecchi

Excerpted from: Feng Shui Lógico

Leia o Livro Feng Shui Lógico, Stela Vecchi, Ícone Editora, 2004


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