Shamanic experience in Machupicchu

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Serpente, Puma, Condor - CópiaMysterious and rich travel, in Machu Picchu we met Ramón, an Inca shaman who has a European face. Ramón had an aura of great power and peace, which significantly affected the magnetic field around him. With a serious look and a severe behavior, his knowledge and personal power were almost visible.

Acting instinctively, I asked him a spiritual healing, my heart began to show signs that needed special care, and I was looking for it.
He accepted and gave me an appointment for 3.00 p.m., in his shop, actually a little esoteric space.
We were back on time, but the shop was closed. Disappointed, I thought he had forgotten the appointment, but looking around, we saw him approaching, in his slow and quiet walk.

Showing signs of recognition, he indicated to us the door, which remained open.
When I asked him about the possibility of someone entering, breaking the privacy that the time required, he replied that nobody would come during the service. And so it happened.

I sat on the floor in front of him, who had brought a big glass bowl and some tools. I felt a natural reverence face of his paused gestures. Acting with great concentration, he took different sounds of these instruments, from low to treble notes, and at the end he sprinkled on me pure water with special herbs.

When he finished, he asked me what my profession was. I told him I was a teacher. Looking at me with eyes of love, he told me that the only religion was to have love in heart, see the life and people with this love. Everything else was in vain, because it doesn’t free our essence. And know how to take care and protect ourselves was also very important.
And he taught me:
– Do you know we have two brains? The heart also sends their feeling to the brain, that’s why is so hard to think when we are emotionally disturbed.

I heard his words and watched him silently. Actually, I drank this moment that fed my soul, so weary.
He completed his explanation saying me:
– I work with symbols.

Going to his desk, where he sculpted symbols in stones, and using radiestesy, he had chosen with the pendulum a specific symbol to me, sculpted in a black mineral called serpentine: I was given the symbol of the balance, represented by two opposite and equal rays. He gave me it with the recommendation that I shouldn’t let anyone touch it, except myself.

Grateful, I asked him at the end how much I owned him for the care.
He asked me as a pay to send him a typical Brazilian instrument, a berimbau, when I came to Brazil. Of course I had the pleasure to serve him. A longtime friend, Daise, helped me to find and send the order to Machu Picchu.

Back to the hotel I was thinking about his words, which had strong implications for the achievement of inner peace and the ways in which we can get it. We have two brains (right and left hemispheres?), reason and heart, and until we don’t know how to integrate them, we suffer the consequences of an inner conflict.
And a divided house cannot stand up straight…
Janela Machupicchu_kb

We visited the ruins of Machu Picchu the next morning.

The beauty of nature, abrupt and majestic, combined with a beautiful blue sky day, the stone buildings, symmetrical and gigantic, the incredible insight that the openings of the windows were constructed to capture the music of the spheres, the om, brought me the feel, at the present, of the past gone.

All of this was completed with the sound of an Andean flute which a Peruvian wearing traditional dress, was playing on the highest nearby mountain.
This scenario made me recognize again after a long time asleep in my heart, the power of Nature and its symbols on me.

The effects of this trip to Machu Picchu were transforming: when I returned to Brazil, a friend, Walter, asked me if I knew Feng Shui.
– What is it?
– An oriental method to create harmony and balance to the human being through the environments. In Feng Shui, symbols are very important. Again the symbol. I started to research everything I could about Feng Shui.

Several books on Feng Shui, on human nature, dictionaries of symbols, historical research, everything I related and made associations. What an amazing world I was discovering!
Símbolo Inca

I was moving into a new world, where only the knowledge of the contents of energies could take me to the balance, the basis of love without suffering.
Gradually, I began to hear more my heart and stop to think I had answers to all human issues and understand that not always we can put our lives in a mold, without noticing that everything is in constant motion, so do not swear or by heaven or by earth, if we don’t want to see us trapped in our own words.

I started to live this new perception without guilt, where what matters is the humility toward life and its purpose for us, and filtering what was given to us as the will of God: we are overloaded with precepts and prejudices, slaves of our own minds, as Roosevelt said.

It is a narrow door: only few people can pass through it. But certainly is worth all the effort to get it.
So, I was started in understanding human love and its learning, which are often painful. And finding in me again the peace I was used to, I turned to my area of study since I was a kid, the mystique. But I also saw it with new eyes: I began to realize that everything that exists is a sign, symbolizing the spiritual worlds which we don’t see with our human eyes.

For example, the crystalline purity of the water reminds me the purity of the spirit, and when we drink from the fountain of divine love, we never get thirsty…
(Excerpted from: O Caminho da Sabedoria, Stela Vecchi, Edicon, 2008, São Paulo).

We belong to Mother Earth “Pachamama”. Mother as a present/gift from our Creator “Wiracocha”. Let us get together on the Sacred/Holy Circle and let us protect our Mother from the involution.
Since times of our ancients,we continue pratcticing reciprocity “Ayni”: reciprocity to our Mother Earth, offering all our love through sacred ceremonies. Let us wake up brothers. Mother Earth needs us; we are her guardians.

Earth, earth shall be my body.
Water shall be my blood.
Air, air shall be my breath.
Fire shall be my spirit.

Hebert Jordán Lira

The signs indicated that I would go again to this magical city, Machu Picchu, with its hidden powers. The first time, its strong energy made me reflect on celestial mechanics, and its effects on us and our homes. It made me reflect, among other things, on the clear perception that the Earth’s hemispheres are complementary. And so was born the Logical Feng Shui.
This time, much more was waiting for me …
I am gradually absorbing the Andean cosmovision and writing about its wisdom.


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Stela Vecchi is a writer and consultant in Feng Shui.
She is the author of Feng Shui Lógico (Ícone Publisher, Sao Paulo, 2004) and gives courses about Logical Feng Shui, a technique that promotes happiness because it makes your home harmonious and full of good energy.
She is the author of No Céu do Hemisfério Sul – Brasil, um Novo Começo, where she analyzes the Brazilian flag from a new point of view.
Her third book, O Caminho da Sabedoria, is about love and the true meaning of love relationships in our life.

See the article: The ba-gua for the Southern Hemisphere

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Translation: Mary Hatakeyama

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Stela Vecchi

Stela Vecchi estuda sobre Amor e Felicidade desde 1976. Criadora do Método Solar de Feng Shui, Feng Shui Lógico. É um método prático e consagrado que simplifica o Feng Shui sem alterar sua essência milenar. Feng Shui Lógico busca criar o equilíbrio nos ambientes para facilitar a conquista de seu equilíbrio pessoal. O resultado é uma residência mais aconchegante e que favorece a saúde, a harmonia, a prosperidade. E Amor: sem equilíbrio, o Amor não permanece.

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