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Northern Hemisphere
Logical Feng Shui

Life is more than we see.
As the air that is invisible and essential, sensations sent out by balanced places, in harmony with the Four Seasons – which are opposite in both hemispheres, for this reason we use in the Southern Hemisphere the Ba-Gua adapted to our geographic reality – and activated by symbology strengthen our life. Logical Feng Shui solutions include comfort and beauty.
Harmony and balance are essential. How to live with pleasure and prime without harmony?
Logical Feng Shui is a system that can be applied in any situation. In this perspective, the Ba-gua is applied from the center of the building and not from the front door.
Consequently, homes, workplaces – from the simplest to the most sophisticated one – schools, buildings and public places can take advantages of its guidelines and provide benefits to the lives of its users.
Logical Feng Shui helps us to achieve and maintain balance and harmony in the different phases we go through in our lives. It is also an effective philosophy of life that shows us directions in moments of transition and choice, greatly facilitating our evolution.

Thus, Logical Feng Shui is indicated to:
1. Attract the best solutions to any kind of problems that we are experiencing at the moment.

2. Highlight areas of your life that are paralyzed or poorly activated.

3. Develop perception and intuition.

4. Awaken and enhance creativity and inner security.

5. Encourage spirituality, the encounter with the God of your heart.

6. Prevent future problems.

7. Put human life in harmony with the Cosmic Life which reigns in the Universe, entering into the dimension of conscious personal growth and intensifying the feeling of happiness.

The harmony we create through the ancient Chinese techniques supports our lives with more health, beauty and well-being, and connects us with the beneficial forces of Nature.

Meet the new Solar Method of the Four Seasons, which simplifies the learning of Feng Shui without changing its ancient essence. A new way of living, that ransoms the reenchantment for Life.

Very important: In low latitude areas (the equator) and polar regions is necessary to use the compass.

Jardim e estátua

1. Gardens of sinuous and soft lines are indicated in any area of the ba-gua.
These forms push us to walk slower and thus enjoy all the beauty of plants and flowers.

The statue, which is lonely and in an attitude of reflection, suggests a better use of available energy in the directions South-east in the Southern Hemisphere and North-east in the Northern Hemisphere, representing an energetic lift to the area of Spirituality, which corresponds to the End of Winter side of the house.

Phrases that reinforce the area: I am fed by the Universe with the knowledge I need to live in peace and harmony with myself.

I am calm, I protect my inner peace and share my knowledge with those that need it.

The sentences are always in the first person singular.

Espelho d´água

2. This garden created from a circle of stones and a water surface due to its balance of shapes and elements enriches the Prosperity area, which corresponds to the Late Spring side = North-east direction in the Southern Hemisphere and South-east in the Northern Hemisphere.

The sun illuminates this side at about 9:30 in the morning.

Phrase: I am blessed with the abundance of material and spiritual resources in my life.

3. Because of the quantity of water element, pools require special care to be in balance with the other elements.
Besides pools need to be always full, its waters must be kept clean. Otherwise, it undermines the health of its residents.
Here we have a pool built in sufficient distance from the house, and the choice to surround it with plants and flowers that give the idea of fire and earth elements, besides the wood element related to the plants, of course.
The healthy condition of the plants and water suggests the quality of beneficial energy of the place.
The side of the house perfect for this composition is the Spring Side, East Side both in the Southern Hemisphere and in the Northern Hemisphere, since the sun’s rays are available throughout the day, that is, there are no walls that seal the sun for the full use of the pool.

Phrases: I grow the flexibility, always learning and strengthening my health.
I develop supportive and friendship relationships with my family, the basis for my personal evolution.

Lareira e flor
4. This room is in the Creativity area that corresponds to the Fall Side, West direction both in the Southern Hemisphere and in the Northern Hemisphere. This is the side of the house where the sun sets. We see a predominance of pastel colors that activate the area.
The regent element is the Metal, so the energy of the fireplace, coupled with the Fire element is in disharmony.

The cure was done through the plant with white flowers (in the fireplace) and also we could increase the resonance in this area by replacing the picture above the fireplace for a mirror of good quality.

Phrase: I’m creative to turn every situation into opportunities for growth and learning.

Varanda florida
5. This balcony in the North-east area in the Southern Hemisphere and South-east in the Northern Hemisphere suggests the exuberance of Prosperity, the Late Spring side of the house. The flowers profusion of colors and the quality of the plants combined with the sun symbol, the Rooster, in addition to the red colors on the table give shelter to the stay of the healthy winds that stimulate these energies in our lives.

Phrase: I live in peace and joy receiving from the Universe the Life with the resources that sustain me.

Casa e recortes

6. House with cutout regions, with a loss of some areas of the ba-gua, which calls for balance in the shapes.

These missing areas can be “created” through cement pots of compatible size with the missing area or decorative stones placed in order to create the proportion of filling in the meeting lines of these areas. Spot lights on at night reinforce these procedures. In addition to these, check which area of the house is missing according to the Ba-gua applied by the Four Seasons Solar Method and activate it accordingly.

Fachada noite
7. Although it is overexposed due to the absence of plants in an equivalent size to the house in order to provide greater protection and good energy, this house has favorable shapes in its construction.

A landscaping created according to the Logical Feng Shui guidelines vastly increases the area of benefit, providing more protection, beauty and good energy.
Fachada dia
8. A few basic procedures are missing for this beautiful home, such as pots with protection plants in the entrance, but the color of the door and the harmonic shapes benefit it, and with a little actions we can let this home more secure, and with lots of good energy. Privacy and protection are also excellent Feng Shui.

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Read the book (only in portuguese) Feng Shui Lógico, Stela Vecchi, Ícone Editora, 2004

Feng Shui Lógico Stela Vecchi Ícone Editora, 2004
Feng Shui Lógico
Stela Vecchi
Ícone Editora, 2004

Stela Vecchi

Stela Vecchi is the mentor and disseminator of the new technique called Logical Feng Shui.She is a writer and consultant in Feng Shui.
She is the author of Feng Shui Lógico (Logical Feng Shui) (Ícone Publisher, Sao Paulo, 2004) and give courses about Logical Feng Shui, a technique that promotes happiness because it makes your home harmonious and full of good energy.

She is also the author of No Céu do Hemisfério Sul – Brasil, um Novo Começo (In the Southern Hemisphere Sky – Brazil, a New Start), where she analyzes the Brazilian flag from a new point of view.

At her third book, O Caminho da Sabedoria (The Way of Wisdom), through a history lived at Machu Picchu, Stela makes us reflect on the Love and the true meaning of love relationships in our lives.

See the article: The ba-gua for the Southern Hemisphere

See also the website: www.fengshuilogico.com

Translation: Mary Hatakeyama

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