About Stela Vecchi

Dedicated to the study of spirituality since 1976, Stela Vecchi found in the oriental technique Feng Shui a powerful tool to change reality, attracting the best solutions for all stages of our lives.

She is the creator of a new perspective of Feng Shui, the Logical Feng Shui that supports the adaptation of the Later Heaven Sequence Ba-Gua for the Southern Hemisphere. Her theory is based on the trigrams (and its correlation with the seasons), and on the same function of the Northern and Southern Hemisphere guide stars: Polaris and Alpha-Crux.

Logical Feng Shui created the Solar Method of Four Seasons, a new method that works in both hemispheres. This perspective understands the profound Chinese philosophical background and updates in Time and Space this important tool to create harmony and prosperity.

She is the author of Feng Shui Lógico (Ícone, SP, 2004); No Céu do Hemisfério Sul, Brasil um Novo Começo, where she analyzes the Brazilian flag from a new point of view. This book is dedicated to Education, and O Caminho da Sabedoria, a book about LOVE. Suprareligious, she understands that we are facing the challenge of uniting everyone and everything in-Cosmic Love, a new way to know and practice Love: with balance and respect for the differences.

Teaches courses in Logical Feng Shui (Basic, Advanced and Professional). Is Logical Feng Shui consultant and astrologer.

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